Discover the new Orbea Wild e-bike 2023

Maximum performance

Wild tames the wildest trails, but still feels alive, energetic and involving rather than the detached and numb ride of many e-bikes. Wild is first and foremost a fantastic enduro bike, and the rigidity of the frame, lighter weight, support suspension and e-evolved geometry reflect this, giving you full control of the ride.

No limits

Fully powered and ready to rumble, Wild is synonymous with maximum fun in the craziest climbs and craziest descents. The combination of the latest Bosch motors and a 750Wh battery provides incredible range and power, and on the descents, Wild behaves less like a heavy electric bike and more like your favorite enduro platform.


Performance in simplicity

Performance through simplicity means removing everything unnecessary and adding only what directly improves driving. Thanks to technologies that prioritize simplicity, such as SBS and the Clean Cockpit, Wilds’ frame is surprisingly slender and simple, with clean lines that mean you could almost forget it’s an electric bike.


Lightweight e-bike

The best materials, smartest designs, and key technologies such as our SBS design make Wild one of the lightest full-powered electric bikes. All things being equal means lighter means higher performance, offering more range and better maneuverability.

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